Elanie Bledsoe


Born and raised in Lancaster City, Elaine Bledose has called the Quarryville area home for several years.  Elaine loves the wonderful cultural opportunities that the City offers, but also has learned to appreciate the attributes of country living. 

Elaine is widely active in her long-standing business career as one of the East Coasts most successful franchisees of Tupperware. Along the way, she has received several certifications in both business and social services. She has received many sales awards in my field not only from the franchise level but also from the private business sector for Inspired Leadership and as an ultimate service provider.

In addition to her dedicated business practices, Elaine has a prolific career as a volunteer and is currently a volunteer public educator for Domestic Violence Services. Elaine has spoken at many colleges, high schools, businesses and public venues over the last 35 years and helped to start the first Domestic Violence shelter.

Her desire sell real estate resulted from seeing so many families not only at the shelter, whose common desire was to have a home but also Tupperware sales force members whose goal was to buy a home.  “I can see a property not as it is but have the vision to see what it could be. Having designed and built my own home, I know how much it means to realize that dream and I have a passion to help others realize their dreams.”   

We warmly welcome Elaine to our YRG family!